Changing the Face of History

From bestselling author Jill Tietjen (Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America), acclaimed director Maura Axelrod (Be Right Back, World Report, Dan Rather Reports) and Emmy Award-winning producer Brian Doubleday (Venturing, Worldwalker, The New Workplace) comes American Herstory, a video series spotlighting the under-told stories of trailblazing American women.

Reclaiming women’s rightful place in America’s story

Jill Tietjen is on a mission.

After many years in the male-dominated fields of engineering and academia, Jill began to investigate women’s representation in history–and the picture was grim. In 2008, she joined Charlotte Waisman to co-author the award-winning bestseller Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America.

American Herstory is a series of impactful and engaging videos that reveal and elevate the lives of women who have changed America.


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History as we know it has been written by men, about men.

It suffers from a lack of acknowledgment of significant female participation in the making of history. It is time to right that wrong and complete the story of America by experiencing the lives of the women whose remarkable contributions are little known. American Herstory adds depth and breadth to a revitalized women’s movement that is changing the way we view women in society—past and present.

Women have accomplished remarkable feats in all fields of society and from all walks of life. The contributions made by this half of our population—often in the face of adversity—have greatly impacted our standard of living and quality of life. These unsung heroes have helped make our society what it is today.

It is time to change the face of history.

With your help, we can complete the story of our untold past. Together, we can offer a more equitable representation of our nation’s history, with American Herstory.


“The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation because in the degradation of women the very fountains of life are poisoned at their source.”

Lucretia Mott
Abolitionist and Women's Rights Pioneer


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